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LRC:Devil Elves Infest the Dark Wood

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Tolea'Fuin in ruin

As Nan'lhach guides the party towards Tolea'Fuin the dark wood grows colder and you pull your cloak a little bit tighter around your neck. The wind makes an eerie sound as it whistles through the trees. Nan'lhach seems to be surprised that no one has halted your progress towards Tolea'Fuin and soon you discover why, the elven village has been destroyed.

As Nan'lhach begins to explore the ruins, he sees that the departing elves left markings to indicate where they were going next. After a few hours march your group is halted by several wild elves. After confirming Nan'lhach's identity, they lead you to the makeshift camp. You are told that most of the elves have survived, as the leaders decided to "bend like reeds in the wind".

Jones is taken away and put under medical care.

In the initial attack there were duergar, devil elves, and tieflings. During the course of the battle the devil elves retreated to the back of the force and then disappeared altogether. We've been tracking groups of the duergar and tieflings, but haven't seen a devil elf in days.

The elves will insist that the party wait until the morning to leave, as there are things in the night that have been stirred up by the recent battle.

Peek-A-Boo will go off to see if she can aid the wounded. Del is going to go find a quiet place by himself an avoid the elves.

During the night

While everyone is asleep, Del Collins approaches Robhim during his, and Brennell's, watch. Del tells him that many of the elves believe that the ring Jones wears is the cause of his insanity and that they want help removing it from Jones. Robhim agrees that the ring may be the cause of Jones' trouble, but ultimately refuses to assist on the grounds that whoever else wears it may go crazy as well. Reacting to the refusal, Del attempts to suggest that Robhim help, though Robhim shrugs off the enchantment.

Seeing that Robhim has refused, a pair of elves and their wolves engage Robhim and the now revealed Brennell. During the combat Brennell made spectacular use of his gift, preventing Del from doing anything but swinging his warhammer. Brennell touches Del and steals an alter self enchantment and reveals that Del is in fact a devil elf! Once this is revealed, one of the elves fighting the now awakened party throws down his blades in disgust, having shaken off his enchantment. The other elf continues to fight until Del is unconscious and his compulsion is ended.

Del is stablized and captured for further questioning.

Leaving the camp

In the morning Meriae and JarJar tell the party that they are going to lead the elves to the location where Jones and the party had been taken and see what info can be found there.

Jones—in full health and sound mind—thanks the party for saving his life and shakes the hands of the party.

Fiendish Oak Tree

Near the fiendish oak tree the party stumbles on a group of duergar and tieflings (who are revealed later to be devil elves). A fight ensues and the party decimates the evildoers. One of the devil elves seemed to fond of falchions and had Glory. Robhim was pleased to have it back.

Returning to the safety of the city

As the party walks up the Meadmaker road, the first snowfall of the season begins to descent, it's innocence seeming to mock the very bloody past few days. Peek-A-Boo looks at the snow and smiles. "It is a sign from Chauntea."

"Winter has started."

Brennell runs into Roscoe, who tells him that Delicious said the Order of the Morning Breeze was not permitted by the Queen to find the lost "treasure" in the pirate isles. However, Delicious has gotten a stipend for Roscoe to gather a small crew to go and investigate. Currently Roscoe has Huklin and this guy Arian who is really good with magic items. Roscoe is okay with Brennell joining him later.

At this point everyone goes their separate ways, Robhim and Peek-A-Boo go to the Pastoral Gardens, Nan'lhach goes to Scarletstone, Brennell goes to Stout's Inn, Wolfdale goes to the Halls of the Even-handed.

Pastoral Gardens

Robhim and Peek-A-Boo are welcoming earnestly by the Chaunteans, who are glad to see that they are alive. As Robhim and Peek-A-Boo approach Selune's Stone it begins to glow brightly. Peek-A-Boo steps back so that Robhim can step forward and take his rightful place but when she does so the light dims. Sheepishly, Peek-A-Boo accepts the blessing of Chauntea and becomes the Master Gardener of Lone Rock City.

Mithril Breastplate

Much to Nan'lhach's satisfaction, his breastplate is finally finished. It is finely crafted of mithral, with an ornate scene of a wizard riding a half-horse, half-frog into battle against dark elves and a small Harpell family crest is on the left shoulder. The Harpells tell Nan'lhach that this depicts the valiant last stand of Regweld Harpell at the battle of Mithril Hall far to the north many years ago.

Stout's Inn

Stout's is much the same as it always is, full of halflings and booze. Brennell enjoys being away from the road.

Halls of the Even-handed

Wolfdale begins to give his report to one of the scribes and as soon as he mentions Drenzel and the devil elves the scribe goes white. He immediate bolts for his superior, Shad. Shad listens to Wolfdale's story and orders him to collect his friends immediately. The King must be notified at once!

Telling King Talen

The party gathers at Stouts and Wolfdale, with Shad, tells the party that they have to meet with King Talen immediately to inform him of what is going on. At the palace the party is shown into the throne room, where everyone save King Talen's guards are removed.

After telling King Talen the story, he tells the party that the Rings must be checked on and secured. Talen pulls a charm off of his bracelet and throws it to the ground, expecting something to happen, but nothing does. He does this again and Cendrell appears. He orders the party to follow him into the secret areas of the palace where the most dangerous items are kept. As Talen opens the last magical ward and opens the door to the vault room where the diamond that houses the Rings is kept, everyone sees that the devil elves have beat them there! Drenzel can be seen adding an eighth ring to the diamond, guarded by a vanguard of devil elves. From behind a pedestal a little girl, Twinkle Harpell, comes out with an evil grin on her face and a goatee—the trademark of one possessed by Levistus!

Talen quickly casts a spell and the party hears his voice inside their heads. "Listen to me, I will give mage hand you the diamond and you are to RUN! Remember that no matter what you are to hear said between us, I have always been a champion for the cause of good." Talen turns to Levistus, a friendly smile upon his face and greets him. Levistus mentions to Talen that it is far past time when Talen's deal with him was to be done. Half the rings for the Lord of Stygia and the other half for King Talen.

The diamond bolts off the pedestal and into Robhim's hands. The party begins to run and fight their way out of the dungeon and behind them they overhear the fate of King Talen...

Levistus, shaking with all the rage his five-year-old body can rouse, waves his hand at Talen and he rises into the air. "There is one ring, the last ring, the unknown ring, that you did not count into your mechanations Talen", and a simple black band of a ring fits perfectly on the small finger.

"Kill me if you will, Levistus.", Talen states defiantly.

"I will do worse than kill you, I will let you live. After I strip you of your Art!", Levistus' hand goes black and a vaporous mist pours out of the King's body and into the black band. Talen's body thumps to the ground, unconscious.

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