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LRC:Down the Rabbit Hole

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Other End of the Teleportation Circle

Map of the Rabbit Hole

As you step into the teleportation circle, you are wisked away in an instant, arriving in a dark chamber only a heartbeat later. In the small chamber around you is worked stone with the same elven rune pattern as the rooms you previously left. The only illumination that you have is a faint glow that comes from down a set of stairs and around the corner. As one of your companions appears beside you, you hear a soft "ding" sound of a bell chime through the hallway.

Continuing down the stairs, where each flight has a statue of a different elvish hero, the party encounters a locked wooden door. After several attempts at "knocking" on the door, Dmitrii takes it off it's hinges and reveals a guard chamber beyond. Everything in the room seems to be in good repair. A table with three chairs sits in the corner next to the door and two everburning torches hang on the wall opposite you. There is a small rise of stairs to the side where a set of double doors leads down a hallway. Stepping further into the room, you see that a fourth chair sits on the ground, turned over, and you also see a dumbwaiter on the wall next to the door you came through. After some careful searching by Nan'lhach and Robhim, some warm wax was discovered on the floor.

Illusionary Fight

As the party decides to go through a set of unlocked doors, a pit traps opens at the feet of Dmitrii who was able to prevent himself from falling in. At that same moment doors at the other end of the hallway open and two giant bees with a slight golden glow buzz in and attack the party. Across the pit trap other adventurers can be seen, a dark haired man in plate mail with a bastard sword, an moon elven sorceress, a red haired and attractive bard, and a holy man of Mystra. After some debate the party surrendered to the adventurers and through over their weapons. The other adventurers through over manacles. As Wolfdale reached for them his hand passed right through! It seems that the adventurers who they had just surrendered to were figments from a man who had been in the Rabbit Hole far too long.

While trying to subdue the elderly man, Wolfdale attempted to cross the pit trap using the hanging tapestries but his hands missed the ledge and he fell into the spiked pit trap. In an attempt to get his viper across the pit, Nan'lhach tosses it over and into the pit. It hits the ground hard and dies. The battle is long and drawn out, with the old man throwing illusions and enchantments at the party but he is ultimately knocked out by Dmitrii. Immediately the illusionary companions surrender, asking that Winslow's life by spared. They introduce themselves as Captain David Dac'Angelo, Neko the bard, Dorinna Moonbringer the elven wizardess, and Winslow Thuider, cleric of Mystra from 20-30 years ago.

Everyone tries hard to ignore the illusions, but they persist in telling the party information about the Rabbit Hole, Winslow, and the dwarf who was here before them. A few years after Winslow arrived the dwarf, Dwrim, took his own life so that he did not die of old age. Winslow disentegrated the remains and his possessions, per Dwrim's last request.

Died in his sleep, happy

The unconscious Winslow was placed in a bed while the area was throughoutly explored. Wolfdale checked on the old man, who asked that he be permitted to heal himself. Wolfdale hesistated but allowed it. Winslow laid down and began telling Wolfdale that a great evil was being kept here and that it had to be contained. When Wolfdale told Winslow that they were here to save him, Winslow shed a tear of joy. After years of being trapped he would be free.

The next morning it was discovered that Winslow died in his sleep, with a smile upon his face ... And then the party looted him.


  • Pearl of Power (x3)
  • Pearl of Power (x1)
  • Ring, magical
  • Bracers, magical
  • Bag of Holding, Type II
  • Merlyn's Spoon
  • Periapt of Wisdom
  • Scrolls:
    • 4th:
    • Delay Death [divine]
    • Revenance [divine]
    • Know Vulnerablities [arcane]
    • Sensory Deprivation [arcane]
    • 3rd:
    • Circle Dance [divine]
    • Unluck [divine]
    • Remove Blind/Deaf [divine]
    • Clairaud/voy [arcane]
    • 2nd:
    • Spell Immunity, lesser [divine]
    • Inv x2 [arcane]
    • See Inv [arcane]

Evil contained, but what evil?

The room that is said to contain evil has a double summoning circle, an inner original one and an other new one that was fashioned by Dwrim. Along it's edge it says "Step no further, lest ye unleash death upon the world." In one of the corners is a puzzle that was solved to reveal a cryptex. The opening phrase for the cryptex was "Mondar" and inside it contained what appear to be plans for creating the Box of the Void.

Each day, arcane energy must be placed into the altar to maintain the imprisonment of whatever is being held. An alarm goes off if it isn't done. Fortunately Dookette felt well enough to put a spell into the altar.

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