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Attendance: Daryl, Joe, and Ryan

Events of the Evening

Since everyone was already in Scarletstone, a blind Robhim arranged to have Peek-A-Boo Harpell invite everyone to dinner. In the dining hall, a group of Harpells gathered around the radiant new queen, Rebecca Harpell.

After dinner the party headed back to Stout's Inn, encountering a drunk Phil Flannagan stumbling down the road. After some drunken singing, he continues down the road.

A Hearty Welcome at Stout's

When the party walks into Stout's Inn, they are given a hearty welcome by Jeremiah Stout! He let's the party know that they are his favorite customers, but that since they have been staying at the Inn a lot he has had to turn away other customers. He makes it clear that he isn't kicking them out, but that permenant homes in LRC are available.

Packages for everyone

Stout also hands out packages that have arrived for the party

  • Robhim: There is note for him saying, "Package from Meridian Owen in storage at the Wayfarers Union. Signature required."
  • Dookette: There is a note for her with a royal seal. "You and your companions are asked to attend the offical Lone Rock City burial of Lucan Thomas and Dete Gardener, brave heroes who perished while on a great quest. They will be intombed in the Pastoral Gardens graveyard, amoungst the other heroes of Lone Rock City. A eulogy from either you or one of your companions is requested."
  • Brennell: There is a package with no note and inside is a scroll and 2,550 gp.
  • Wolfdale: A note, signed only with an X, says, "Who was Tio Meadmaker working for?"


  • Wanted Poster, featuring a crude drawing of a man with a rapier stating, "Wanted: Albino man with rapier. Preferred alive for killin'.
  • Poetry reading in Ellison Park every other second-day.
  • Master Mariner's Guild is seeking able bodied men for the Lone Rock City navy. Inquiries received at the Watch Tower in the Garrison District
  • Stop the Tyranny! Join with The Friends of the People and help fight for your right to rule yourself! Down with the King and up with YOU! (No meeting place or contact info)
  • Proclamation of the coronation of King Talen Pringles, his majesty the ruler of Lone Rock City.
  • Farm hands wanted to tend field and help build new barn. Not much pay, but good meals and roof provided.

The next day

The next day the party awakens, sores rip open, and they are sickened from the Geas

Pastoral Gardens

Having made arrangements with Peek-A-Boo to meet her at the Gardens in the morning, this is the first place that everyone goes. Jar Jar is in the garden and immediately runs over to Robhim, giving him a great big hug! During the conversation Jar Jar mentions that Yondbé has decided to use the death of Dac'Angelo as a good reason to become a hermit in the woods, though not the Dark Woods. Jar Jar also helps Dookette write her eulogy for Lucan and Dete.

Peek-A-Boo arrives and she and Robhim go on their first blind date.

Wayfarer's Union

The dropbox is empty. However, there are messages for Robhim.

  • A response from Netsuo: "You are welcome to a limited tour of our area of the Dark Wood. Dark Vine has been instructed to be your guide. Present this note to the Dark Dogs you encounter." And it is signed with a odd sigil.
  • The package from Meridian has the other 500 gp and a note asking Robhim to stop by for lunch sometime.

Day following

Would you like to finance a play?

Meridian, from the actors' guild, wants Robhim and the party to help finance his latest play, which will be about the a band of adventurers and would like to base it off of them ... if they help to finance it.

Burial of Lucan and Dete

The burial of Lucan and Dete is held in the Pastoral Gardens with modest tombstones. Many nobles are present, including King Talen, General Cendrell of the Lone Rock Armed Forces, Lori Harpell, Alicia, and Delirium.

  • Talen says a few kind words and introduces the Dookette, who is giving the eulogy.

After the burial Delirium will greets the party and introduces them to her mother, Lady Lori Harpell. Cendrell's promotion to General is made known to the party and it is revealed that Harlann has taken a leave of absence.

Visit with Alicia

<players need to fill in info>

Attempted Jail Break

As the PCs are wandering the city, a Watch guardmen is running past them towards a watch post that you past a few blocks back. You see a crowd heading the direction that the guardsmen was running from.

Derianna Godsclub, Vurbag Deathbreaker, Arian, and Brick have managed to get a hostage. They have manacles on their legs, except for Derianna who has busted hers and is holding the hostage and threatening to kill the middle-aged woman she is holding. They are demanding keys to unlock the manacles and an escort off of the island.

After the fight Vurbag lies dead, Derianna and Brick are back in custody, and Arian has run off into the city.

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