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LRC:Visiting the Elin of Nomin

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Starring: Robhim, Ist'Vaech, Wolfdale, Grim Greycastle, Sir Valans, and introducing Seamus
Guest Starring: Simon, David Dac'Angelo, Alyssa Dac'Angelo, Harlann McInnis, Ren Tidebringer, and introducing Sanjya and the crazy Angelina

Wove & Mawedge

Alyssa Doc'Angelou tells of her plight with the family of Nev Adian. They don't like her ancestry and refuse to allow the two to marry. She traveled to Elin to find a way to become worthy of his family. Ist'vaech nearly comes to blows with after stating that maybe one shouldn't ask advice of the god's stale waters. After everyone calms down she tells us that she needs us "freinds of the fey" to travel their to fulfill a part of her prophecy. Ren, David, and Alyssa travel along with us and we supply Ren nd David arms from our stock of loot. David and Alyssa practice the art of beat-down upon us since we are told the journey seems easier than whe Alyssa came to the spring. The spring appeared to us as a large tree with three riddles inscribed upon it. Egg, I, Smoke.

Underneath the tree was the springwhich gave prophecy to us individually that some of us shared after Simon bottled some of the water. Each was told in a whispering voice that only one could understand. Wolfdale heard "his wife and child would be found soon" and was overcome with joy. Simon was told "to seek the tome of the dragon" and was not very happy after Grim explained what this might mean. Grim said his prophecy was related to Simon. Seamus lied and said his was the same as Simons. Rohbim and Sir Valens did not wish to share what they were told. Ist'vaech seemed unsurprised that her "true bloodline would be revealed in the cold".


We returned to Tangled Trees to say our goodbyes to kings current and resurrected. David Doc'Angelou and his daughter decide to take the slow boat to Lone Rock. Talen tells us that Ironmen are to be sent to Cormanthyr in the spring. He plans to wait for them before heading west. Rohbim sends notes informing Phil Flanagan, Duncan McBride, Becky, 6 what has happened and where we are headed.

Roads of drinking snow

A large caravan of orcs and goblins passes us on the bridge crossing out of the forests to Sembia. They drunkenly almost overrun us and pass with many insults. When we make camp that night we can hear their revelry some miles in the distance. During Sir Valens and Ist'Vaech's watch they attack for no reason. We were mighty scared of Rohbim's new companion, a panther named ??? We all pulled through even if Ist'vaech was trying to step into the light. The next morning we were passed by the same caravan. Ist'vaech pulled her bow ready to take aim but was restrained by more sensible party members.

Capital confusion

We sighted the walls of Ordelin, center of pwer for the nation of Sembia. While we enjoy the view and get ready to lie at the gate a wizard teleports in with two others. The men acost the woman for money to which she anounces, "You would cheat a Silveer Raven?" She attacks them when she sees us, seeming to think we are reinforcements. It takes us some time to arrive at a tactic o subdue both sides and the wizard teleports away before we become involved. The woman summons a mist and a wall of sand that prove her a blessed of Hoar. To subdue her Sir Valens pushes her into the wall and then we rush to pull her out after she becomes trapped. We talk with Sanjeya, a street pharmacist, about the situation and he tells us the woman, Angelina, tried to take something from him. We thought murdering her outside the city seemed a little harsh. Angelina was still crazed so we took both of them in hand and resolved to find a reliable source of information.

Lone Rock City: Gaming Sessions

Welcome to the Island, Back Alleys, Into the Woods, Rumblings, Underground, Defeating the Kocraken, "Mining Accident", The King's Murder, Long Live the King?, Tangled Trees, Heading Home, At Sea, Back in the City, God Shopping, Attacking the Darkness (Janus Raid), Under the Sea, Cavern of Deep Sashelas, Cavern of Deep Sashelas, part 2, Realm of the Dolphions, Meadmaker Mashup, Shieldmeet, Tending to Business, Fantine Taylor vs the Party, The Rescue of Delicious Harpell, Hunting Harpells, Attack of the 50 foot Ooze, Champions of Good?, Down the Rabbit Hole, Three Strikes, The King's Men, Heist, Prologue, Heist, Save the Beast, Rescue from the Duergar, Devil Elves Infest the Dark Wood, Artifact Evacuation, Rods of Thinuan Discovered, We Three Kings, Ghost from the past, Father and Daughter, Visiting the Elin of Nomin, The View From Inside The Jail, Hunting the Darkness, The Servant's Last Dance, Amnesia (Alternate World), Wedding and the End of the World (Alternate World), In the Garden of Evil, Deal with the Devil, The Death of Janus, Social Obligations, Bugs in the Floor, Finding Glimwocket, Return of Brennel, Quest for the Birthday Present (part 1), Quest for the Birthday Present (part 2), Ist'Vaech Is Having A Baby!, Fighting the Blood Clan, Defending the Muir Hole, Garrison of the Gale Grand Gala, Regicide, Bridezilla, Emergence of Nightbringer, Death and Return of Ist'Vaech, Dwarf Ghost and Riddles, Returned the Soulstone (in the Mail), Snubbed by the Githyanki, The Darkness Inside, Trip to Waterdeep, Kobolds Killing Cattle, Liberator Terrorist Attack, Liberators Secret Complex (multi-session), Wes Escapes From The Underworld, The Guards Kill Lemures Without Dying, Lil' Robby, No One Trusts Talen, Battle Interactive, Harlann's Evacuation,

Alternate World Sessions: Amnesia (Alternate World), Wedding and the End of the World (Alternate World),

Party Members: Simon, Robhim, Wolfdale, Ist'Vaech, Wes Temple, Vaeriasa, Vaeriasa Spells, Vaeriasa Special Abilities, Dragonform, Brave Iron Man (Guy),

Warriors of the Morning Breeze: Brennel, Simon, Robhim, Wolfdale, Dookette, Nan'lhach, Dmitrii, Ist'Vaech, Grim Greycastle, Sir Valans, Vaeriasa,