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LRC:Quest for the Birthday Present (part 2)

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  • Wolfdale's sick with fevers and night tremors.
  • We make it into and through the graveyard with invisibility sphere and silence.
  • Simon casts Prying Eyes and sends them out for a couple hours to map the area. On their return, we plot our course. It leads to a giant arena in which there are some evil outsiders.
    • Combat happens with the evil outsiders (a bone devil, a few ? and a ?)
      • Combat goes poorly -- they all manage to summon their assistance.
  • The arena is filled with (fortunately silent!) Harpell ghosts who watch a challenge of skills being performed by some battlefield fey.
  • A programmed illusion appeared and recognized Ist'Vaech Harpell and offered her to be a contestant in the arena. The prize? The key to go in to the family crypt.
    • The illusion informs us that the Harpells, typically bad at physical activities, thought it proper to make physical activities admission to the crypt.
    • The arena consisted of the following events:
      • Balancing
      • Climbing
      • Concentrating
      • Swimming
    • Ist'vaech slaughtered the competition (Merduck almost literally...)
  • The Vault of Knowledge has vast stores of magic items after vast stores of magic items.
  • Ist'vaech, after some temptation to get something else, chose to get the pennant pendant that is our goal. The crest of the Harpells is ?.
  • Zedicus Harpell was the first magic-using Harpell.


5,300 gp; Vestments made from Celestial Lion fur (1,000gp); Brass Mug with Jade Inlays (250 gp); Wilding Clasp (MIC p190; 4,000 gp); Wand of Dispel Magic (10cc); Wand of Magic Missile (10cc); Wand of CLW (10cc); Scroll of Ghost Touch Armor (SC); Potion of Remove Paralysis; Stench Stone (MIC 186; 300 gp)

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