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LRC:Fighting the Blood Clan

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The Writings of Meireachadh Part 2

Luckily our treading through the woods went pretty much without conflict. I really enjoyed Robhim’s spell that he cast. It let me move through the earth just like I was swimming again. I’ve really missed the feeling of being beneath the waves. I guess mages and their ire aren’t that bad. Ugh, what a minute; what am I saying?!?

We tried to get our bearings by using spells and having me scout up through the trees. The spells didn’t work, but magic seems pretty hit or miss most of the time and I figured that the mages failed at something else. I was proven wrong about this when I tried to fly above the trees and they just kept seem to grow taller and taller, not letting me breach the canopy. God, I hate magic.

We decided to camp for the night and make our way further toward the coast that morning. I was awoken during the night, though, because Wolfdale heard the sounds of battle from afar. I’m not sure why I was woken, though, because the Sly and Wolfdale went out without me.

Netsuo requests some assistance

They ended up coming back with a group of kobolds and some guy named Netsuo Nishi. He was covered in blood and gore, telling us that he and his “elite group of disciples” or something like that took out some of the blood apes that came close to our campsite. I was just glad to encounter someone else who has felt the ravishing of a reincarnation spell.

This Netsuo man-cat was missing his ring finger. He told us that his ring was taken from him. This makes at least two rings missing that I now know of. The rest of the group seemed none too worried about it. Maybe I’m the only one who sees this is a pressing matter.

He asked us to help him with some trouble he has had with his group, the Dark Dogs. It appears that some of the kobolds have reverted to their evil ways and are following an old disciple of his called Dark Fist, whom is now called Blood Fist and runs a group of them called the Blood Fist Clan. This Blood Fist also killed some girl named Ruha that was doing some training with him. They are also the ones who stole the Ring of Time and ended up turning it over to Levistis in one way or another. We also learn that they are working with Drenzel Gor'Mori, a leader of some of the devil elves.

Going into the cave

Negotiations are met and the group decides to take up the bargain with Netsuo. We make our way to a cave entrance which from this point on will be known as the cave of moderate annoyance. I call it this mostly due to all of the traps and blinking kobolds. Luckily we had a bounding ankylosaurus that set off most of the traps. I will give credit where credit is due, though. There was this one trap that pierced Robhim from the bottom up and dropped him 60 feet to the bottom. He then had to pry himself from the tap to get free. Pretty vicious lil device from these tiny pests.

We eventually made our way to the main chamber where there were a ton of kobolds and a large behir. A lightning blast from the behir took me down while the behir swallowed Wolfdale. Wolfdale proceeded to intimidate and slice his way through the insides of the beast what the rest of the group caught up with whom we assume to be Blood Fist.

I was eventually cured up but really couldn’t help much with the fight. I decided that it would be better for me to check out the obviously evil alter that was in the main area of this cave. I call it obviously evil due to the flaming hand that it is adorned with.

Destroying the altar

The top of it seemed to have an impression that made me believe that it was some kind of control panel. I couldn’t recall anything that I had to break it open with, so I decided to access it the old fashion way, with brute force. Evidently whichever god that wicked alter belonged to didn’t appreciate my show of force very much when I broke it and saw fit to smite me into a smoking crater.

I find myself now back in the watery abyss that is the afterlife of Deep Sashelas. Chances are that there is nothing left to bring me back so I guess I have to work on Plan B. I wonder how hard it will be to become the patron of underwater distilleries and spirits. I guess I better get to brewing…

Loot gained from the Blood Clan

+2340 to Ist'Vaech, Wolfdale, Simon, Sly, and Slush from the blood clan gear (wakazashi's and crossbows); Mithral Bells (MIC 117); and Boots of Dragonstriding (MIC)

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