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Emergency True Ressurection

Lukas: We (the party) were healed before we left for the church to find out about the King's fate. When we arrived at the church gate we weren't welcome and I got drafted for duty as a watch member.

We found out seconds later that the True Resurrection failed and the guardsmen were given orders to head to the Tal Dagore District to search for Jones.

I stopped on the way to get my gear as we passed Stout's Inn.

Duncan critcally wounded

Lukas: Now I wasn't there but I heard that Jones and Duncan (And Duncan's men) had it out with each other. Duncan was lucky to survive as was Meriae Harpell (Delirium's sister). I'll bet that Simon was one of the ones that ran. I can't blame him but I can call him a coward. (Call me a hipocrite if you must.)

Hey, I even heard that the clerics had to keep putting Duncan's guts back in his body because he would rip his wounds back open bellowing orders instead of letting the healers work!

Tal Dagore

Lukas: The searching wasn't very successful for the most part. We did find a trio of Wild elves accompanied by wolves. (Though I only noticed one of the three)

We decided to go around the park with the wild elves.

Jones escapes the city

Lukas: Not too long after, we met up with some guardsmen who were also searching. Shortly thereafter, Jones made a break past us (Though not too near) for the gate to Meadmaker Road. Jones made it past one of the greater wizards on the island (Alicia? Was it?) and we saw that his ring protected him from direct attacks by magic. (But not indirect attacks, like Summon Spells.) Seconds later, Jones was gone in the woods with Delirium trying to follow him.

And I had to chase Delirium down and bring her back. Her crush on me came in handy there but It's not going to help in the long run. Especially if an particular lady friend of mine catches up.

We had the best of luck catching up with Jones. (He was already gone, thank Goodness.)

Halls of the Even-handed

Lukas: Delirium insisted that she see her sister before we left for our new "Find the King's Heir" mission. Heck, she didn't even want to sleep that night. Turns out that magic doesn't work Meriae, so she has to heal normally or with natural cures.

Simon, luckily, wasn't killed when Jones attacked Duncan's group (he helped us with some Identifying of magic items. I like my Cloak of Resistance! While he was on his way to the watch, I questioned him about the man who ordered my Uncle's death (Killing my family in the process) and found that Dazhim (Spelling) put on one front for Simon and another for Janus. Dazhim is supposed to be a follower of Velsharoon. At least his description matches the person I thought I killed. Damn. I thought I was done with vengeance!

DM note: Cendrell, Harlann McInnis, Alicia Humphrey, and Phil Flannagan ask the party to find Alyssa Dac'Angelo. And to keep it secret. (Post better notes guys.--Randy, DM 16:36, 4 Jan 2006 (EST))

Seluné's Light

Lukas: It makes you feel stupid when it costs an extra 200 Gold because you forgot your guide on the way to the dock. I'm glad Robhim got an "Animal Messenger" to Poon in time for him to catch the boat. Handy spell that is.

I also found out that Cap'n Jack don't want any of the party doing any magic on the boat. Serves me right for firing an Eldritch Blast into the air without thinking. Oh well. We found out Poon is very Mercenary about his magic. At least we have a healer again.

A Paladin walks into a bar...

Lukas: And turns out to be Timmie's brother! After a drawn out conversation, partially in code, Timmie's brother headed for Lone Rock Island. I didn't have the heart not to give them Duncan's and Layna's name as a starting point for when they arrive. (As well as telling them to go to the Halls of the Evenhanded) A Paladin trumpeting about the fight for Good in a seedy bar is FUN to watch.

I had to pay 35 Gold to prove that I wasn't evil, again. Next time I buy a scroll, it's cheaper that Poon.

And Remind me to slap Robhim next time he blurts something out, like Pit Fiend in a seedy bar. I swear he can't keep a secret to save his life.

Now we must catch a boat and head up the river.

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